Out of State Contractors

Out of State Contractors Doing Business in Oregon

As of January 1, 2002 all out of state contractors must complete a 16 hour CCB approved education program and pass the Oregon State exam. For those of you who are out of state and plan on doing business in Oregon, we offer a service to assist you in getting your license faster. We will provide you with the required education, guide you through filling out forms and acquiring the necessary documentation you need to file the forms. We will act as your registered agent (for a yearly fee of $150.00) and then personally ‘walk’ your license through at the State CCB office in Salem and call you with an immediate Oregon CCB license number (for a fee of $175.00). If you have decided to become licensed in the State of Oregon, take these steps: Complete a 16 hour education program and pass the State exam. Call Prometric and schedule your state exam. You can check to see if Prometric has a testing center in your state by going to: Prometric If you are a Corporation, LLC and/or LLP,  fill out the form that reads: Application for Authority to Transact Business -Business/Professional, CR121. It is located on the Sec. Of State web page. Click on the Forms & Fees, then click on Business Registry to locate CR121. You are required to provide a bond and Insurance for work done in Oregon. Check with your insurance company and make sure they are certified to do business in Oregon. If your insurance company is unsure have them contact the Oregon CCB office at 503-378-4621 and ask for “Licensing”.

Your bond must be a Surety Bond with the State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board on the heading. Oregon does not accept period bonds. Remember, whichever name you use on your application must read, word for word, letter for letter, exactly the same way on your insurance certificate and Surety Bond. For example: ABC Roofing, Incorporated on your application cannot read ABC Roofing, Inc. on your Certificate of insurance or bond. You would be denied your license. When your application is completed and all documentation is included (proof of a passing grade from the state test is also necessary) you can mail your application, documentation and appropriate fees directly to the Oregon CCB office. This could take two to four weeks for processing. HOWEVER, if you wish, you can expedite the process by overnight mail to us and we will personally ‘walk’ it through the State and have it processed immediately. We will call you before we leave the State office with your CCB license number. (Our one time fee for this service is $175.00)

Call Sue at 503-722-2894 to sign up or for more information.